NDP Worried About Eat Right Ontario Future

Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 07:55 AM

NDP are expressing concern with the future of EatRight Ontario.

It's a program set up a decade ago to provide nutritional advice.

Raising the issue recently at Queen's Park, NDP Critic France Gelinas says it's losing its funding at the end of this month.

"My constituents and families across northern Ontario use EatRight extensively, in part because we don’t have access to dietitians, but also because we want to make sure that our families are eating healthy foods and getting the nutrition they need. With EatRight, people in Ontario could just pick up the phone, send an email and get instant and reliable information from a registered dietitian about healthy eating, and in many different languages. But on March 31, this program will disappear."

Health Minister Helena Jaczek says she was not familiar with the program, but promised to investigate.