KCC-TV Gets Funding Boost

Posted on Friday, January 11, 2019 07:57 AM

International Falls City Council is agreeing to provide funding to the city's community access channel.

A $5-thousand commitment has been including in the city's budget for this year but voted on separately at this past week's council meeting.

Mayor Bob Anderson says it was hard for him to support the donation when they had reduced funding in areas more important.

"If we're going to reduce $5-thousand to the cemetery I do not see how we can contribute to a nice to have cable system," says Anderson.

Councillor Harley Droba says it still provides a valuable service to many people.

"I have not supported KCC-TV in the past but I have seen more and more how important it is to our own community. I don't see any reason why we don't give $5-thousand to our own PEG channel," says Droba.

KCC-TV board member Cynthia Jacksa says funding has also been received from Koochiching County and the city of Ranier.

Jacksa notes KCC-TV provided coverage of more than 130 municipal, county, school board and other agency meetings in 2018.