Olympian Haley Irwin Back Home

Posted on Saturday, March 10, 2018 18:31 PM

Haley Irwin is back home for a few days after winning silver at the Pyeongchang Olympics. 

Arriving at the Thunder Bay Airport Saturday afternoon, Irwin was greeted by family and fans as she returned from her third Olympics. 

Irwin says she'll be visiting family before heading out to Calgary and Toronto, but she will be back this summer. 

"I haven't had as much opportunity to come back here and give back, and that's my goal," Irwin notes, "In the summer I'm going to have my first hockey school here," 

However, Pyeongchang had some bittersweet moments, Irwin notes, calling losing the gold medal game to the United States "heartbreaking". 

"We went there to win the gold medal, there's no secret behind that,"

In the aftermath of that game, Irwin's teammate Jocelyne Larocque caught national attention when she took off her silver medal.

Irwin says things have smoothed over since then, with Hockey Canada and Larocque releasing statements about the matter.

"That was dealt with pretty quickly within 24 hours," Irwin points out. 

Looking ahead, she says she still has some thinking to do about whether Pyeongchang will be her last Olympics.

Irwin notes she's had several injuries in the last few years that have taken a toll on her physically. 

Overall, Irwin says she's excited to be home and to share her silver medal with others. (Photo/Video by Caroline Redston)